Who gets a work-placement contract and who gets a ‘starter’s contract’?

Trainees get a work-placement contract. In this context a trainee obtains work experience at a firm of architects. In a work placement, the emphasis is on practical application of learning.

The regulations governing trainees and the pay they receive come under the provisions of the "stageregeling voor de bouw" (in Dutch, Construction Industry Work Placement Regulations). Officially, a trainee is not employed by the employer.

Graduates from a Technical University wishing to obtain practical experience, following the professional traineeship, can get a ‘starter’s contract’. That is a contract of employment for a maximum of two years during which they are entitled to at least the minimum wage. They have the right to guidance and support from a mentor within the firm, and there are statutory requirements with which their professional traineeship period must comply. Officially, a starter is employed by the employer. These regulations are included in the Collective agreement for architectural firms 2015-2017, article 19: ‘Preliminary scales, interns, and practical experience for architects'.